Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Has anyone of you ever wondered..."how long do I have to wait to have sex after the first date? does it happen instantaneously, 3 months, 6 months later?". And how does this rule change if you are dating someone much much much younger (like 10-16 years apart..and ladies, you are the Cougar here).

For goodness sake, is that even a relevant question? Even when I was much younger, I never ever followed the "3-date-Rule", which my mother tried so feverishly to instill into my sisters and I. Define "3-date-Rule" - get past the 3rd date before the sex can happen..LOL! Personally, there should NOT be any rules..if it feels right, then go straight ahead (Disclaimer: I know I am no angel BUT I am not advocating 1st date ladies are old enough and above 18 years old to know EXACTLY what you are doing).

I've been thinking, since most of us in this playing field are labeled as the "older woman", why not live up to it and have a bit of fun..after all it is non-committal, but be responsible.

Recently, a Cougar friend of mine related this incident to me. She waited a good 6 months before the sex happened with her Cub. He was like almost 19 years her junior, and hell trust me..that boy is sizzling hot. My Cougar friend tried walking away so so many times..but in her words.."The sexual chemistry was unbelievable! Tension was higher than the tesnion wires outside my bloody condo!"

Anyway, she calls him her 'accidental Cub' - she consciously decided to unconsciously have sex with him...err...sounds ridiculous, yes, it does..but all it took was a couple of drinks!..Don't get me wrong, I am not an advocate of drunken sex either. And you won't believe how it happened. Apparently he had asked her for a dinner date with a couple of business people, through a text message! Gist of the sms-es:

CUB: Hi, u wanna do dinner with xx, yy

COUGAR: Sure, where?time?

CUB: Meet us atXXX

COUGAR: okok.(*at this point Cougar was thinking.."damn it boy, you are hot!"*)

CUB:We hang out after dinner? my place?

COUGAR: *went silent for couple of mins*....

CUB:Well, let's get it on..get over this tension btw us.

HAHA...But she did tell me, when they got it on...alll she could think of was.."Oh Goodness, my cellulites are showing / my little tummy pouch is portruding / think my breasts will drop to the floor if he removes my bra / shit, I forgot to bloody shave....blah blah blah blah...but you know what, it's been 2 years now for them and they have been together ever since then. Congrats Cougar xx! *winky*

Bottom line : If the sexual chemistry is there, you like the Cub, and he feels the same with you,what's stopping you?? Cos once the vibes take over, it really doesn't matter how old you feel/look, how young he is, how fat you think you are, it's just going to happen!

What's the worst that could if he won't stop calling you...Enjoy Cougars!

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  1. Its the 21st century honey! 3 dates rule don apply anymore - u meet - 1st date ok - jalan only - why wait??????? the earlier u get over with it - the quicker u can move to the next level!