Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Powderful Engrand...

"Are you desired for a baby?"

"Thanks visiting us"

"Center for Multiple Intellingences"

"Special for today : Grild Beef"

"They likes to use youthful products"

"In China, the Buddhist believes that Buddha is the godfather of the world....."

"Personal space does not practice in the same way for every nation this is because some of the personal space might against the culture that the group of membe's beliefs"

Ok, you guys read the above correctly and as it is. Can someone plzzzzzz tell me what is wrong with those sentences???

These are just some of the stuffs I picked up from billboards, banners and leaflets over the last few days...*rolling my eyes*...."Who the fuck allowed these to be on any public communication materials?", "Copywriter sleeping ah?", "Who forgot that we use to be under the British ruling for a while...Queen's English LOL", "Hallo ! Client actually approved these???!!!"

If I had it my way (another reason why I left the ad industry), my team would not have survived this : "Are you guys stupid?", "Did someone forget to spell?", "My copywriter came from where ? LALA Land is it?", "Were you taught a different type of English?"....They would have all died a horrifying death!

At the same time I find this amusing because, we all ARE living in the 21st century...I mean, we have more access to the Internet, more ASTRO channels (which also has more English programmes), more bookstores (bigger, air-conditioned with coffee joints)...which means we have more access to anything English as compared to our parent's days. BUT, yet the English we hear and read can be quite atrocious at times...and at one point what was it that our Government wanted to do ...?

I rest my case.....

Speak well, write well, spell right...


  1. and mind you dear - there are some of these "creatures" roaming the higher ranks of office in the corporate sector as we speaketh! its damn scary ok........