Monday, January 25, 2010

Wear the Paw with Pride

Mention Cougars....images of Mrs Robinson in a girdle and garters, smoke billowing around her head as she seduced a willing Benjamin...* is not Mrs Robinson who was sure Benjamin wanted it too...:-)..*

And it doesn't help when the media play up images of 40 year old women clad in leopard leotards, showing way too much cleavage, voguing around in 6 inches stilletos, getting drunk at bars and dragging home a young prey.....*hey, at this point you may be thinking - isn't this just about sex??*...Well, what happened is that the media (and general public) have tagged these women similiar to Stiffler's Mom ( as in the film American Pie, remember?). Well, personally...(from the little experience that I have and from speaking to women who are Cougars), these people obviously have got all the generational dating and psychosexual imprinting ( translated as Cougar and Cub dating) all messed up! I choose to believe is not just about the's the whole nine yards! and I do think that some of these young men do get upset that their desires for Cougars are triviliazed.

So, who are these Cougars? How do you recognise and define them? How about those women in their 20's, 30's..are they Cougars too? NO, NO, NO...pls be informed that even in this playing field..there are hierachy. Women who decides to join in, must realize their standing..AHEM!

Majority of women in their 40's-50's are COUGARS. Those in their 30's are PUMAS. Women in their 20's are KITTENS. There are also those in their 60's and above, whom we call the PANTHERS.

Pumas and Kittens are considered as "Cougars in training". But as far as the whole bloody world is concern, all of us in Cougar-dome are just known plainly as Cougars...*so, everyone out there, pls take note of the different hierachy..consider it similiar to the British Royal Family Standards!*

Actually, thinking about it, Cougars are not necessarily your stereotyped "mature, sexy, confident, rich" , there could be some 'fresh' out of a stale and boring 20 year old marriage or just worried about the extra 30 pounds. And when some young stud actually finds her attractive for non-other than physical reasons, she gets attracted ! *errr....ladies, fantasizing doesn't count!*

But whoever you are, just remember being a Cougar is nothing to be ashamed of, it is not a derogatory term, do not feel guilty and you are NOT a 'cradle-snatcher' ! Ageism is the last barrier we are breaking down in dating!

YOU define what a Cougar is for yourself. Do not let anyone else define it for you..just remember Cougar's basic ingredients= older woman who dates, mates and/or marries a younger man!

Like someone once told me this : As a Cougar..."Wear the Paw with Pride!"

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