Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oi! Hear ye! Hear ye!

I overheard a couple of interesting conversations over the last couple of days..."no, I was not eaves dropping!". The kind that will make you go "huh? wtf is wrong with his/her hearing?" "someone speaking in some native language?"

Well, I thought it would be light and easy kinda blog today and share them with you. Ahem! here goes:

CONVERSATION 1: At a bakery cafe in Ikano, queuing up behind this lady:

WOMAN : Hi, I would like to order, pls?
WAITER (speaks with heavy Filipino accent) : Of course ma'am.
WOMAN : *pause* u accept credit cards?
WAITER (smiling politely) : No, so sorry.
WOMAN : ok, no problem. Can I order now?
WAITER : Yes, what would u like ? (his hands ready to punch into the cash register)
WOMAN : u don't accept cards?
WAITER (still smiling politely) : No, ma'am.
WOMAN : Ok ok, am give me a rosemary chicken sandwhich, combo meal, pls.
WAITER (punches order into cash register) : that will be RMXX.XX
WOMAN : *whips out her credit card* !!!!!!

I swear, I was that close to throwing my mobile phone at her, as she obviously didn't realize what a terribly hungry psycho bitch is capable of doing! But I gotta give respect to the waiter for being so so patient and keeping that smile on. Could have been worse if I was the waitress behind that counter *hehehe*...COS THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SCENARIO:
ME (smiles at lady) : ello! what would you like to order, pls?
WOMAN : Do you accept credit cards?
ME (rolls eyes and trying to keep the smile) : No madam, as you can see..we have no signages that says we accept ANY form of cards...*keeps smile on*
WOMAN: Oh, ok, can I order then?
ME : Of course ! (*you moron or what??? make your bloody order lah!*)
WOMAN : I would like the rosemary herb chicken sandwhich combo pls.
ME : That would be RM XX.XX CASH (*note emphasis*)
WOMAN : *whips out credit card*
ME : Didn't I tell you just now that we DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!

CONVERSATION 2 : traveling in a car with a friend when he received a call from one of his client's PA

FRIEND : Oh hi XXX (*names have been omitted for privacy purposes*)
FRIEND : Ok, u can e mail it to me. Do u hv my e mail address?

*Caller must have asked for the address, cos of this:*
FRIEND : Pls e mail it to xxx@na....what? u can't hear me? I said xxx@n...N for Norway, A for Australia, Q for Quebec...sorry, you want me to repeat that again ??? *friend sighs*

*Friend repeats the e mail address...barely 10 seconds...this happens:*
FRIEND : No no, it is not U , I said Q for Quebec...what? u want me to spell QUEBEC??? *shows a fist at the phone*...

It is funny how people don't realize the importance of being able to listen and not hear - there is a difference between the two! Personally, it annoys me to the MAX when after all the explaining has been done, only then you realize that non-whatsoever that was said, had been understood. As the old saying goes, there is a reason why God gave us a pair of ears and ONE mouth...definitely not for aesthetics reason!

Listen, not hear!

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