Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life without aeiou....

Imagine if we all had to live in a world where sentences look like these:

"Dr mmbr,

W wld lik t rmnd y tht yr mbrshp crd s nr xpry.

Pls rnw yr mmbrshp crd t ny f r strs f yr cnvnnc t cntn t njy th mmbrshp prvlgs.

Pls nt tht rnwl f f RM10 ppls. Hwvr, y cn njy fr rnwl of yr mmbrshp wth ny prchs f r prdcts frm xxx t xxx.

*Trms nd cndtns pply

nc gn, thnk y fr yr cntns spprt ! "

What exactly is the point I am driving here?
1) Don't take English for granted - if you guys have had a chance to read my previous post, you will know exactly where I am coming from!

2) Don't take life for granted...you won't know what you've got till it's gone!

By the way, if you think reading the above was hard, try writing it without our beloved "aeiou".

Have a good week !

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