Sunday, January 24, 2010


Thought I'd dedicate this week's blog to Cougars, Cougar-ing, and Cougar Sex..etc etc etc..

So,Cougars...what are they? No no no..we are definitely not refering to those big furry animals with huge scary claws and deadly fangs for teeth.

Well, some of you may or may not have heard of the latest fad or fashion within the dating scene. There has been a sudden interest or influx with Cougars...aha..think Demi and Ashton, Madonna and her new boy..

For starters, let's get with the basics...Definition of Cougars:older women who are into dating younger men...simple! Nothing complicated about it...see what you like, ask for short term or long term fun, no strings attached...

It wasn't long ago when the idea of an older woman dating a younger guy was strictly a taboo. Now in this time and age, cougar-ing seems to be very in vogue.

Cougars tend to be divorcees, mature single ladies, fit and most of the time financially sound. And trust me, younger men adores Cougars...*not bcos Cougars remind them of their mothers!*...but rather the fact that they find Cougars irresistable due to Cougar's maturity and ability to carry on an intelligent, decent conversation! *and not have to put up with those whiny, giggly PYT or SYT!*

You do realize that for some strange reasons, it has always been ok for older men ( I call them Old Sausages) to date much younger women....hahaha..sure we make fun of these women and can't believe that a woman half his age could possibly care anything about him...let alone the sex..Hence, the taboo with Cougar-ing...cos it is not normal..?plzzzzzz.....

Ladies, there are many 'YES-es' to cougar dating. Dating a younger man can be exciting. For an older woman to be desired by a good looking, hotz passionate younger man who previously in history was considered off limits, is down right sexy, and definitely no Viagra is needed. There is no way in hell the hard bodied young stud need it!!! ?(imagine Taylor Lautner...yuuuummmmmmyyyy!!!)

For the mature woman just looking for some fun in and out of the bedroom, cougar-ing may be ideal. She can enjoy her cub's (err ..that is what Cougars call their younger men or toy boy!) company, and move on when the relationship has run its course. This can be perfect for the young man, as well, especially errmmm ...if he wants to learn a thing or two from the Cougars! The couple get to enjoy each other for awhile and sometimes a little longer than expected!

WARNING : Cougars would have to guard your heart. Cougars are, after all still women..and our species tend to fall and invest emotionally a wee bit more than we realize.

Ladies, if you ask me..,"is it worth it to engage in cougar-ing? "Of course...*would anyone say NO to Cougar-ing someone who looks like Taylor Lautner*. Most young men would answer with a definite, "YES!"

If you have yet to be a Cougar, well, at least for starter get some idea of how the game is played.

If you are a Cougar, enjoy & savour every moment! Do not be ashamed of it! Embrace the word..and truly define yourself, and not by anyone else!

Cougar just a bloody word!

p/s: watch out for next blog..."Hierachy in Cougar-dome"...yes...there are levels....:-)

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