Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Internet, digital media, FaceBook, Twitter, social networking sites..blah blah blah...we've never seen such a major explosion of the digital world since the first 286 PC was invented. I remembered how it was like to have the first PC, the first laptop, then Mac, then netbooks....then i-Pod, i-Touch, i-Phone....yah yah yah...

I would get excited by all these 'techky-speak' but I never quite know or understood how half of them worked! Don't get me wrong, my line of work do require me to constantly be using these things..however, I only knew where the important buttons ON, OFF...u get the drift. I have had my fair share of 'ignorance' tested every now and then...even till today.
I remember this one incident .We had worked through the night and by the time we finished, I had only 3 hours to go home, shower and back to office. Having arrived back into the office an hour before meeting, was trying to set-up my laptop...but nothing happened..laptop had no reaction...I panicked!!! Who do you call ? No, not the Ghostbusters! but my good ole IT Bloke:

ME : Hi IT bloke (name removed for privacy purposes), my damn stupid laptop has died on me! Where the hell are you? It's 800 am and u r not here!!

IT BLOKE (he is a nice sweet 40-ish uncle) : Hi ..sorry ah I am still at home...errrr...cos normally office only open at 900 am....but never mind I rush in now lah..u wait ah...

*40 mins later* at my office:

IT BLOKE : Good morning good morning...what is the problem ah

ME : Didnt I tell you over the phone? This stupid damn fucked-up laptop decides to die on me ...presso is in another 45 mins!

*IT BLOKE lifts up laptop, checks it, puts it down*

IT BLOKE : ehhh...errrrm...did you bring your battery ?..*pause* about your power cable?

I calmly picked up my coffee cup, and told the IT Bloke..."Just get me another laptop"....EMBARASSING!!!!!

And of course, there was also this whole episode when I first got my bright green I-Pod Nano, I could never figure out why the volume was so damn fucking soft and why there were no breaks between the songs (literally one song plays continuously to the next!) I was dat close to going bitch-fit at one of the Apple stores when tis happened:

ME: Who the fuck told me Apple make good products??!!! I am soooo gonna shoot that person...

LB : Why lah? nice mah your new I-Pod

ME : *glares at LB*..u know what the fuck is wrong with my I-Pod..since i GOT IT,it hasn't been sounding right, volume cannot go ANY FUCKING LOUDER and the songs which I downloaded...plays literally back-2-back!!!

LB : Wait, chill lah woman! let me check..pass it to me now.

ME : Whatever lah.! Screw it! I am gonna go into the Apple store and murder the guy who sold me this damn piece of shit!

Hammy 3 : Wait lah woman, let us check...u know how u are when it comes to technology! ..*I swear I glared so hard at Hammy 3 it could have caused a little burn in his shirt!*

Anyway, I gave my I-Pod to LB and Hammy 3 to mess with. Within couple of seconds, they fixed it! Apparently I had done something to the I-Pod settings when I first got says LB and Hammy 3.

*No no no, I swear I didn't touch the settings - I bought the damn unit, took it out of the box and loaded music...I am innocent! was the guy who sold me the I-Pod...his instructions were not clear....hhhrrmph!

I won't say I have gotten any better with stuffs like this cos my recent purchase of a certain Netbook have once again, proved that I am officially IT-Duh!...seriously...who would have had their netbook's hard disk crashed 3 times in 3 months!...only with mua!

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  1. Marge, I think manuals are created especially for people like you. Read it. It's not a form of decoration :P hehe

    but then again, I might be the only person who would read manuals. :/