Monday, January 4, 2010

2010...we're THERE already ?!

WOW! how did I get here...2010? Thought I had just walked out of my old life 3 years be exact it started 2 years back.

I was bored. I had just left my job as a high-flying (literally flying off with my temper!) job with a BIG BIG BIG advertising agency. I had hit mid life crisis back then (being the typical me even my mid-life crisis came 2 years earlier - well, who can I blame for being super-efficient and intelligent *hehehe*) know it when you get there cos these questions will form bubble-speech above you every fucking freaking morning:
a) "what the fucking hell am I doing"
b) "where has my life gone all these years?"
c) "do i REALLY wanna do this till I croak? "
d) "where are the MEN when you need them,desperately?"
e) "why do my bosses suck other bosses balls big time?".
f) "why do my colleagues look ugly?" woke up one morning threw the towel into my laundry bag...then e mailed my resignation letter 24 hours notice! Yup I didn't care anymore..NOPE DIDN'T WANT TO WRITE ANOTHER FREAKING CREATIVE BRIEF NOR PUT UP WITH IDIOTS AROUND ME (not like the idiots have left my life anyway !)

What did I do thereafter, I was trying to find my footing and the need to conquer certain fears..after all mid-life crisis means re-birth/cross-roads/junction blah blah blah ...SO I threw my alarm clock out of the house, sat on every damn sofa in my house which I didn't even know existed, went to the gym every fucking day and hour if possible, bought a RM10,000 road bike - cycled 90km every sunday since the last 2 years, swam 1.5km 2x/week (and tis gal is terrified of water! ), started triathlon (mind you, I am not exactly the youngest chick around anymore lol), even had a hand on lecturing at one of the colleges..absolutely loved the kids! I even changed my hair colour with splashes of blonde, ash green and white !

BUT, the best part of my semi-retirement was hooking up with the Hammy Trifecta - don't even ASK what that is, cos only 3 elite members belong to this Trifecta - Hammy 1(me aka AgentM), Hammy 2(AgentA), Hammy 3(Nut).
Definition of The Hammy Trifecta - A tribe made up of human who thinks they are hammies (the human form of Hamsters). They are abso-fucking-lutely hardworking, obsessively organised (no..we are not OCDs), know exactly what we want (no, we are not demanding!) , only the elite 3 are in it (no, we are not SNOBS!)and embraced challenges with glee! kekeke...

The Hammies have kinda helped each other along these last 2 years. I mean after all I had my life issues, men issues...and Hammy 2 & 3 also had their life issues, men issues ...hmmmm.....

And after 2 years, I really thought I had gone past my mid-life crisis and was all ready to take on new challenges (as Hammy 2 & 3 will say : "Don't you ever know when to SLOW down?")
But, no...not in the last few months...I have not SLOWED fact the pace had picked up again..It's been a restless 2 months..nothing I use to do was satisfying me, none of the men interest me (altho Hammy 2 & 3 have been desperately trying to get me to understand that it is ok to have a FB)..Atypical converstaion as such will surface once in a while:

Hammy 1: I am bored..I need new challenges! I need a man!
Hammy 2: don't be too demanding then! Be like long as they have the bods and a a dick between 7-11 ..that is all that matters honey!
Hammy 3: Yah yah ..go get a FB
Me: But, most of them can't even speak proper freeeeeeeking English! and they can't hold any intelligent conversation with me!
Hammy 3: *pauses*...honey...the only language you should hear is the UNIVERSAL GRUNT!
Hammy 2: And they don't need to discuss world views and political drama with you! Damn it woman!
Me: no! no!no! It's is a real turn-off for me when they don't speak well and not smart! hhhrrmmph!
Hammy 2 & 3: *silence*......ok..she can't be helped! Just go be a bloody nun for all we care...
Hammy 2: I 'll send her my dildo

Yes..and that is how every conversation relating to men will be like.

Seriously, it is 2010. But I feel like 2008 all over parents and my sister still look the same, my plants are still the same, my neighbours hasn't changed, even the idiots around me hasn't changed!

Well, no matter the year guys and gals..I shall take 2010 as another shot at some missed opportunities like swim more, cyle more, run more, more colours on my hair, more fucking gym, more screaming at idiots around me...hehehe....I can so see Hammy 2 and 3 rolling their eye balls!

Anyhow, make the most of the new year and the many more to come...enjoy the ride! I know it is gonna be one hell of a ride for me!


  1. Hunny:
    (1) Face it, we ARE snobs! :P
    (2) It's odd that a man and two women share the SAME problem - MEN :P
    (3) I don't think Hammy 2 has a dildo darlin. But I do :P hur hur

  2. Hahahhaha i know what you mean!!

    1) FB's should have some sort of intelligence... But they are just so hard to find :P
    2) I have decided that i will not be too nice to all the idiots around me.

    Hehehe Lets do lunch soon! ^_^