Monday, February 1, 2010

To all the men we love....

Yep...u read the title correctly! A recent catch-up with a friend overseas sparked the blog for today. Apparently, scientists have managed to 'create' spermatozoa (lay men calls it sperm/cum/amongst many other names). Do you realize what this means ladies? We may not need to rely on men anymore in the future for their sperm!!!

OMG!!! Men will most likely die a natural death...their egos being replaced thru test-tubing and being produced in some labs. That is like a 'slow-killer' for the guys.

And you know what that also means - *fast forward to the future* - the future will only be filled with women more worrying about dirty shirts lying around, no more watching them channel-surfing, no more screaming if toilet seats are not put up, no more cans and cans of beers in the more pretending that we enjoy screaming at their football
matchesh .....mmmmm...blissful!!!!...*think again...seriously...?"

We,the women species will also no longer need to worry about violence, rape, wife-beating, drunkard husbands or boyfriends, no more EPLs.

We, the women species, will get to choose who we want to "father" our babies...*wow...I can imagine whose spermatozoa will be snapped up! I WANT GERARD BUTLER'S!!!*....

Sounds great..doesn't it....hmmm..ladies, think again...

There will be no one to help us with the plumbing issues, who will change the light bulbs, no Chippendales. and worse of all...what will happen to dating and who will send us flowers and sweep us off our feet??!!

As interesting as technological advancement may sound, (also not to mention how half of us feel damn good about replacing the men), but can you imagine not waking up to a strong arm cuddling you, no one to say how thin you would look (altho you were not fat to begin with), no one to surprise you when all the light bulbs have been changed, no one to whisper "I love you" one to sit with you on the balcony when you are 60 years old...*hmmm....I am beginning to miss the men already*...

We can't live with them...we can't live without them too...but they are also the other species who complete us for who we this is to all the men we love and who constantly drive us up the wall! XXXXX


  1. Such a sweet and blatantly truthful entry.

    Sigh. You know what they say, "No pain, no gain" I guess...

    If only the story of having selfless, romantic, intuitive, sensitive, comforting and charmingly witty men wasn't merely a fairytale!

    If only, if only....

  2. Heys, dis topic sounds familiar....its from my mag i reckon...tee hee...

  3. it is very true, Booker...and tis is truly a topic abt how we women may hate the men sometimes, but we also truly love them very much!

  4. I like this entry.. So true. ;)

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  6. Question :

    Is it better to be with someone who loves you more than you love him or someone whom you love more than he loves you?

  7. my mom had always ALWAYS better to be with someone who loves you more than you...

  8. Another thing you missed out ...
    No SEX