Monday, July 19, 2010

Lights on, no one's home!

Who says an idle mind is a devil’s playground? Well, not as far as I am concerned, as aptly proven today. I had one of those “got work to do but refuse to do anything” moments…could be just Monday Blues! So, what did I do? I did EXACTLY that – refuse to do anything although I had pile of work staring back at me!

Guess what I did? I played “farking-mind-creativity”. Basically, just take any normal day-to-day objects, then try to see what else can you do with it. For example:

1. Spaghetti (other than eat it):

* you could bunch it up and make it your personal table duster!

* string them together and make accessories like necklace and bangles

2. Sponge

* you could tie them under your feet….and wear them as “sponge-lippers” (sponge + slippers) when around wet areas

* join few of them together and use it as a small pillow

3. Elasterplast/Handyplast

* put it other way round your finger, and use the sticky area to clean the dust off your laptop!

* stick a few or many of them (especially the colourful ones) to create pretty décor wallpapers

4. Extension cord

* cut them in few pieces to look like flower stalk, stick some colourful papers at one end…and ta da! We get pwetty flowers!!!

* use it as a dog / kitten leach

5. Chopsticks

* Glue the top half together leaving the bottom open…and use it as photo holders!

* Stick it up someone’s ass!!!!! Hahahahaha!

Well, that was as far as I went cos my mobile started to ring ‘profusely’ and when your mom calls you for the 20000th times, you had better bloody answer it!

So, anyway, go ahead, have some fun guys…find things around us…and let that creativity flow…..enjoy!

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