Monday, March 15, 2010

Who says I am "Headmistress-sy"?

“Social-etiquette”, “social-respect”, “social-understanding”…..whatever or however you wanna call it.

Well, tis Psycho Bitch is a huge fan of making sure we have 100% social etiquette…no matter who we are, and who we meet or where we could be…and quite honestly…nothing irks this PB more than a complete lack of respect for others.*and no, I am NOT OCD*

Well, there are few incidences that really pisses me…so close that I could have told them off, if not for my 10-breather-patience count! These are some of my personal encounters:

1)Sweaty gym shoes are meant to stay on the bloody floor.

I never understood why is it that some people love to leave their worn, sweaty shoes on the benches in the changing room…they do realize that their shoes have gone to many many places…toilets inclusive..and trust me…u ALL know how wonderfully wet our toilets are..*glares*


This is a classic one. I don’t know about some of you ladies, but I have personally come across worn, after-gym panties and bras …once again, on benches in the gym’s changing room, *what is the fetish with some people about leaving these things around* *really, I don’t think anyone wanna know what brands or how pretty they are!* so keep em where they are supposed to be….either in the bags or on yourself!

3)We all do it Sitting Down!

Hmmm…public toilets…I hate these places! I would hold my pee pee if I absolutely-farking have to…I mean really…have you ever realize how many ass-es we come in contact with on those toilet bowls?? So, please avoid doing it standing up or squatting ON the damn bowl!

4)Let our food ignite our senses

We all live in a cultural-rich country, food inclusive. We spend so much time with friends and family either eating out or entertaining at home. And this takes the cake for me, people eating with their legs crossed on the chair…mind you without their shoes!!! Aaarrrghhh…we honestly don’t want to know where those feet have been…we don’t need your ‘FOOT’ to ignite our senses during our makan time.

5)Some bodily fluid are NOT for sharing

Sale time is the best for us, women! Especially with signs like “Further markdown to 70%”…..we all throng like bee to huney. But I have come to realize one thing about sale…..especially in the ladies’ clothes department. I have at times, picked up a nice piece to try, only to realize…”why does it smell of sweat and wee bit damp at certain areas?”…EEEEWWWWWWW!!!

6)God gave us Sun for a reason!

Nothing beats this one, well, at least for me. People drying their wet sweaty personal items either in the locker of the gym changing room AND the sauna! And you can soooo imagine the kind of farking smell that greets you…..makes ‘ikan masin’ smell heavenly!

I am not being ‘headmistressy’…although Hammy 2 and Hammy 3 would beg to differ profusely…*LB, if you are reading this, I know exactly what you are thinking!!*

I choose to think I am NOT OCD

I am just particular about certain basic social etiquettes that we all must adhere to.

It is not innate, and it is not hard to learn the basic stuff! So, next time you are about to do ANY of those above, think again… if you were in the other person’s shoes. Hmmmm…but then again, some of you may not give a shit! So anyhow, we all have to learn to deal with it in our own ways….mine would be to BITCH about it here!


  1. Hahahahah a good read, I had a very hectic day.. and you made my day PB...

    Hmm u shld nominate an abbreviation for me... ?


  2. Ewwww.... dirty sweaty panties.... Urgh!