Tuesday, March 9, 2010

“It's no BIG secret that guys aren't the best at articulating what they're thinking..THAT is if they are ever thinking!” – those were the first thing that GB said when we caught up on MSN last night. *you can soooo tell she had a fight with her boyfriend!*

GB “U know ah..they rather not come out with the truth…….you're left with some stupid idiotic code to decipher! Damn it! Why can’t they just bloody say what’s in their farking head…and I mean the head btw the shoulders LOL!”

So GB and I were on MSN debating about why guys don’t really say what they wanna say, or they tend to dance around the bush (DOINK!NOT ‘that’ bush!), why they always say women are difficult…etc etc etc etc….

So GB and I came up with these most said phrases and what they really mean.

1. He Says: "We should hang out sometime."
He Means: "I'm afraid you'll say 'no' if I ask you out." OR “I like your boobies. And I wanna grab them soon”

2. He Says: "I'll call you later."
He Means: "I am not calling you cos your boobies don’t interest me at all!"

3. He Says: "My ex is crazy."
He Means: "I messed her up, and she went nuts."

4. He Says: "That guy seems like a good friend of yours."
He Means: "Was there ever a thing between you?" OR “He wants to get into bed with you!”

5. He Says: "It's a long story."
He Means: "Not telling you cos I was the jerk in the story."

He Says: "That's a new look."
He Means: "You look stupid."

7. He Says: "Why are you being so emotional?"
He Means: "Why are you acting like a psycho?" OR “Why are you being so unreasonable?”

8. He Says: "That's not what I meant."
He Means: "That's exactly what I meant, but now that you're mad, I wish I hadn't said it out loud."

9. He Says: "It's fine."
He Means: "It's not fine, and I don’t want to discuss it cos YOU PSYCHO is gonna scream at me the whole bloody night" OR “If I talk anymore about it, I won’t get sex!”

10. He Says: "Can we talk about this later?"
He Means: "I never want to talk about it. Let’s have sex."

Just remember men’s thinking pattern is normally in this order: Sex, talk..errr..Sex..Sex…yet again!?

Whereas the women’s thinking pattern tend to be: Talk, talk…Sex perhaps if the Talk was interesting.(unless you are Hammy 2..then it is Sex..Sex…Sex…HAHAHAHA!)

Guys, keep in mind this interesting talk versus walk fact: Just say what you mean and mean what you say…am sure we, the gentler species can take it well…*yah right!.....hahaha*

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