Monday, March 1, 2010

BlackBerry! Yes, this Psycho Bitch after much persuasion from Hammy 3 decided to jump on the berry wagon. Well, promptly got myself one beautiful Beri Hitam a week ago and just absolute-farking-loving it!

But because yours truly here is I-Duh…you can all so imagine me trying to work this BlackBerry…*I mean how hard can this get, really…is supposed to be idiot least according to Hammy 3* (Glares at Hammy 3).

As I was (and still am!) trying to work around this little Berry, much was discovered along the way, amongst which were these:

1) ON OFF BUTTON – Well, my good ole sister had helped me charged it. When I took over thereafter, I could not bloody hell find the OFF button! It took me 2 days before I discovered it, cos it took me EXACTLY 2 DAYS to find out that the little BB icon is THE MENU and I can actually POWER OFF from there.

2) HOW DO I FARKING TURN ON THE NUMBERS? - And it took me at least 1 whole farking-whole-day to find out that I have to use the ALT button to do that!

3) BLACKBERRY MESSENGER PIN – this will allow you to messenger other BB users for free…not till Hammy 2 asked and it took me a good whole day looking for my BBM Pin number!!!

4) HOW DO I CAPITALISE THE BEGINNING OF MY SENTENCEs ????? – I completely lost it with this one! My sister finally showed me that so damn-farking-small button on the extreme left bottom of my BB, marked “^aA”…..*Thank you sista!!!*

5) CUT N PASTE – WOW!!! Yes, this I found out just couple of hours ago while BB Messenger with Hammy 2 and HB…yah yah..I am excited cos I can actually cut n paste on my BB! WOO HOO!!!

6) WHERE ARE MY FREAKING E MAILS? – Well, we are supposed to be able to do this – check and reply e mails from my BlackBerry….and was getting extremely frustrated..cos for a good whole 3 days, I could not do this till I called Hammy 3 who asked me this..”have you synchronized your e mails? You know the CD pack that you got when you sign up? Download it to your laptop and synchronise your e mails”

But of everything, this TOPS it all:

7) HOW DO I TURN ON THE LOUDSPEAKER ON MY BB?? ..WAIT..OR IS THERE ONE?? *Hammy 3 help!!!!*…cos till today, as I am typing this blog…I still have not found it!

This only comes to I-Duh this Psycho Bitch can be!

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