Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special dedication to a friend...

Mortality or immortality? “Enjoy life while it lasts??”, “Appreciate those around you”, “learn to forgive and let it go”

Yes, u may be wondering why I am sounding errr not-so-psycho today. Well, coincidentally today is the 25th anniversary of EL..the passing of EL that is. She passed on when we were in Form 4, yah tender age of 16, of cancer. We were good friends and I still think we are.

We knew each other whilst in Standard 2, in the bus that we took to school. We knew each other through punching one another, literally – cos we were fighting for that one particular seat…right behind the driver! Somehow, I don’t know what happened and how it happened, we just became good friends.

We would hang out at her house every Friday after school, whilst waiting for my dad to come pick me up. She’s always been a very active girl – we use to play hop-scotch every recess time, she loved netball, and definitely an avid reader….thanks to her, that was how I started my love for reading. And I will never forget our love for the game of ‘Five Stones’…she will always beat me at it!!

Not till cancer struck her when we were in Form 1. There were times she would look like she was on the road to recovery, only to slip back into it again and again and again. Despite her sickness, she would continue to come to school whenever she could, and I remember what my mom used to tell me….”continue doing what you girls have always done. Nothing should change”….and so I would try to keep our routine when she was able to,even when she was stuck in the hospital… my parents will drop me off and EL and I will just read, laugh and attempt a few rounds of Five Stones!

Sadly, till today, there is only one thing I will never forget and am still trying to forgive myself for…was for the fact that I was not there, by her side when she made that final breath and left to go back to our Father.

“EL…you will always be a good friend, just like a sister. You have and always will have a place in my heart. Wherever you are right now, I know we will meet again soon.”


  1. :) very moved and touched... Margie, I lup You ya... hugs....

  2. Hey Margie.. Great dedication to your friend. =) There are some people that came into our life and left their footprints, there will always be a significant place in our heart reserved just for them.