Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I like Bears!

Yes! This PB have found something ‘orgasmic’ to play with…*no, it is not a man unfortunately*! I recently discovered the wonders of application games on I-Pod Touch. Thanks to Hammy 3 who recently acquired an I-Pod and have been ‘gay-ly’ (oops! I mean happily) downloading all kind of games and applications.

Well, in case some of you don’t know me; I get excited very very easily…. *PB’s definition of excited = jumping off seats, swearing, cussing, wild wave of hands*

Anyway, Hammy 3 downloaded this particular game call Air Bear on his I-Pod Touch, and trust me this game is bloody addictive, at least for me LOL. At the first Air Bear Game session with Hammy 3 :

HAMMY 3:Eh, got new game..want to play or not? Is called Air Bear. You are supposed to make sure the bear doesn’t fall all the way down. You do that by drawing a bridge, hit its nose on that bridge to bounce him back up. Eh, remember to collect the gold rings for extra life and avoid those orange burning thingy cos that takes its limbs away.

ME: I want …*rubs both hands with glee*

And boy oh boy, did Hammy 3 regret for teaching me this game, cos what happened thereafter has totally given Tourette Syndrome a new meaning, as I went completely psycho:

ME: What-the-stupid-fuck…I just hit the orange ring! OMG! Hammy 3…how do I draw the damn bridge??? Damn it! Idiot!!!!Fuckity–fuck…I hit the damn orange thingy…aarrgghhh!!!!!

HAMMY 3: Use your middle finger to draw the bridge!!Your stupid nails too long…can’t draw properly lah

ME: I AM farking sweating playing this game…is like sex LOL! I forgot to strap on my heart rate monitor!!! Damn missed a chance to see how many calories we can burn with this game!

HAMMY 3: *slaps forehead*…I am ignoring you….

Yah! That was me and Air Bear. Mind you people, Hammy 3 actually recorded me playing the game and had it posted on HIS BLOG!!!!..Now the whole bloody world knows what a complete psycho and how bad I am at games.

But on the flip side, the medical profession could use that video to explain what Tourette Syndrome is cos PB just put it all in perspective with Air Bear! HHHHRRMMPH!


  1. Hmm shld ask Hammy3 about this air-bear....


  2. But you ARE a you're just a psycho with a fetish for bouncy bears.....

    Sounds rather salah....:P hur hur hur

  3. Ah Nut, u stil want dat video fr my phone? hee hee...