Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where thou art..oh dearie..?

This is one of those days…am seated in my client’s office while I am typing this! And you may be wondering why? Aren’t I supposed to be having a meeting or listening to my client or presenting some shite?? Yes, I would love (yah! Right!) to be doing any of those, if ONLY my clients are anywhere in sight NOW! This is such a classic case of “Our meeting is at 9 am, I will see you then”.

I arrived at 845 am way before meeting time, sat in the conference room, happily setting up my presso aka presentation (in our advertising lingo..we just wanna sound different!), and waited and waited and waited…till 930 am…*where the hell are my clients??” “Have they gone to Timbuktu?” Yours truly here was losing patience, trods up to receptionist only to find out that my darling clients are actually in a meeting…just not mine!!!! LOL …*breathe PB, BREATHE …Count to 10…1…2…3….smiled at the receptionist and walked back to the conference room…* and hence this blog!!!! I WANNA BITCH!!!

Remind me again, friends, foes and family…why the HELL did I leave the industry again? *mind flips back to my first 2 blog entry*…WHY????!!!! Dealing with this situation like this is only one of the many many reasons why I left the industry, and why I didn’t want another burn-out..LOL!

But last 2 weeks have been hell with clients work picking up *trust me is a good problem to have..and you never say no to $$$*; but having to go through the similar cycle just reminded me way too much of my past life as an advertising dudette, amongst which were these:


After having run around in casual pants, tshirts and shirts, denim skirts since I left the ‘glam agency’ world, it was such a difficult task (trust me, planning for RPM classes is way much easier) when I had to put on a more corporate look cos of a particular client..*yes, unfortunately some clients think that if you are not dressed in Prada with Nine West or Jimmy Choo’s heels, then you are not smart..LOL*

Anyway, for once in 3 years, I actually forgot how to put on my make-up…hahahaa…I stared at my cosmetic stash for a good 15 mins before it all came back…

*ah…toner, moisturizer,

*cream foundation (damn am out of that one!), powder/2 way cake,

*eye-shadow (only to realize it had to somehow match my clothes…damn and I had not sorted the clothes out yet!)

*lipstick …even this must match my clothes and shoes…*oki…which Nine West…can’t decide till I sort my clothes first, can I!!! AAAAAARGGGHHH!!!!


This is always the more painful part of it..cos just when you think you had it all planned out..client can throw you off with any of these:

*Sorry, change brief (no no! not the underwear you doink!)…in our terminology, it means – “wrong direction, we briefed you wrongly, this was not what the boss wanted”

*Can we re-schedule our meeting. Just got a call to attend another meeting! *Farking hell..why can’t people stick to their schedule! Makes me wonder if they will say the same to sex?* (hehehe..I know Hammy 2 won’t!)

*OR in my case now…am still waiting for client……lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal*

Wait…my client is coming in! YAHOO!!!!.........................................................................

AARRGGHHHHH!!!!!! AM BACK here again!!!! Client just asked to be excused for another freaking 30 mins (which most of the time will = 1 hour) cos got another conference call!!!!

Breathe PB…IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT………..

*the day will end well

*the day will end well

*the day will end well…………..

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