Monday, March 22, 2010

Brain Function...It is a Team effort!

Have you ever wondered if men are ALL the SAME? *doink…am not talking about their instruments LOL!* My mom once told me that “men will always be boys”. A recent telecon with Hammy 3 sparked this blog. (Background: Hammy 3 have been travelling quite a fair bit in the last 2 week; hence have been quite “ngiiauuuu” ( a terminology that Hammy 3 and I coined for: when not getting enough sex or the men/man for more than 2 days!); but anyway this telecon ensued:

HAMMY 3: B (her BF) and I had a fight yesterday!

ME: why lah! U just came back and want to fight meh?


ME: I am sure he did..errrmm, perhaps not the way YOU wanted it to be said??

HAMMY 3: *long silence over phone*….well…but..all he said was..”u back huh? Tired or not ah you?”

ME: *slaps my forehead*…WOMAN!!! That was HIM asking you how you are feeling after the long travel on work!!! *doink*

HAMMY 3: Oh..Oh…But he still should have said it the way I WANTED IT! HHHrrmmph!!!

Well, some would say….”Don’t men have any brains!” “Why can’t they be more sensitive?” “why can’t they have more FEELINGS?” “What is in that brain of theirs?”

Coincidentally, yes men do have brains, just like the gentler species. AHA! But dig this there are actually some differences; not in the structure but the usage and how it’s evolved. Did bit of research and found these interesting stuff about our brains (not a science lesson, ok). And PB thought it was quite apt when matched against the man and woman:

1)Men have “Reptilian Brains” or professionals call it “Hindbrain”

Reptilian brain is the oldest part of our brain *yup but that doesn’t mean we are any wiser LOL* Apparently is the most primitive and this is the best part…it is actually a piece of brain anatomy that we share with reptiles!!! (aha! So the saying is true “some men are snakes!”hahahahaha!)

Well, that explains why men were cavemen during Neanderthal times as the Reptilian Brain is in charge of primal instincts, survival and ……MATING!!!!! And now we shall wonder no more why men think of sex every 3 mins (that’s what I was told!)

2)Women have “Old Mammalian Brain” or “emotional brain”

This part of the brain evolved in the more primitive mammals about 150 million years ago. Apparently this is where emotions reside and where memory begins, also where unconscious value judgements are made. Information that goes through here are filed under “agreeable” or “disagreeable”…..Need I say more…..??

It is obvious both sexes are made to function differently although we have that same thing inside our skull. And I supposed we are always misunderstood why we behave the way we do! It’s all in the brains! And hence when we tell the guys..”use your brain!!”…well, they literally did…. hence are how they are…less-emo, and primal instincts take over. So, ladies next time when we tell the guys “use your brain”…think again..unless u just want them to focus on the MATING bit in the Hindbrain of theirs!

Nevertheless, just as how our brain function as a ‘team’, I supposed we have to learn to function as a ‘team’ with the opposite sex..cos it is our differences that makes life so bloody interesting!

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