Monday, March 8, 2010

To speak or not to speak...

Recently Hammy 3 and I befriended a certain new character from the gym…*a sizzling hotzzzz and damn cute guy* (ok, hands OFF Hammy 3…this one is mine!)

(Of whom I shall call him HB for P&C purposes), he is tall, cute, porcelain-skin, damn good bod (that you can almost lick chocolate sauce off him LOL)…BUT, as the saying goes “No one is perfect”…hais…it is so proven in HB. Just when you think he is the 100%-perfecto man….till he opens his mouth…the linguistic skills is atrocious! *at this point, I clasp my hands together and ask the Lord above..”why? why?why???????*

But then again, not all is lost, cos as Hammy 3 and I discovered, we can have “linguistic-fun” with HB, especially for Hammy 3 who is …ermm, ermm..not exactly the best person when it comes to Cantonese.

Well, we tried to connect as much with HB at his linguistic level ..(cos he is so damn farking hot and I am not about to let anything like this go). And as proven in our last BlackBerry Messenger conference:

ME:Harro…Hammy 3 and HB??

HAMMY 3: Lei mou yeah chou ah?

(translation: u so free ah, nothing to do issit?)

HB: Hai lor…PB..Lei mou yeah chou ah?

(translation: yah lah…PB..u so free ah, nothing to do issit?)

ME: Wah!!! Hammy 3…lei sik kong kong tou wah?

(translation: Wah!!! Hammy 3…u can actually speak Cantonese? )

HAMMY 3: Kang hai or! Oi HB..Lei m tar han ah? Oi hoiu sik tong chan ? lei choong yi sik hoi seen mou?

(translation: of course! Oi HB, u not free issit? U wanna eat Chinese food? Do you like seafood?)

HB: Dok shu ah!

(translation: I am studying lah)

HB: yeah!!! Sik tong chan ngo oi…hoi seen toi oi!

(translation: Yeah!!! I want Chinese food…and seafood too!!!)

HAMMY 3: Dok shu? Lei m hai tar fei kei ah?

(translation: studying? U not masturbating ah?)

ME: hahahah! Hammy 3 sik kong kong fu wah!!!

(translation: hahahah! Hammy 3 can actually ‘speak’ Cantonese!!!)

HB: Ngo mou ta fei kei! Hammy 3…gay lou yau ta fei kei?

(translation: I am not masturbating lah! Hammy 3 …do gays masturbate?)

HAMMY 3:Kang hai yau ta fei kei! Ngo dei tou hai lam yan …ngo choong yi SM pong ngo tar fei kei….!hehehe

(translation: of course! We are anatomically men too…and I’d like SM to do it for mua!)

HB: eeeyeerrr…chou meh lei kam ham sap geh?

(translation : eeyeerrr….so horny!)

HAMMY 3: Ngo m ham sap…PB choong ham sap ah..HAHAHAHAAAA

(translation: I am not horny…PB is hornier…HAHAHAHAAAA)

HB: PB hui chor pin ah ..chou meh lei kam man ge?

(translation: Where are you PB? Why u so slowwwwww??)

ME: Ok guys..tis is waaayyyyy too hard for me..trying to type in Chinese !!!!!

Hmmmm….the things we do to keep our man. But nevertheless, for anything alive that hot, I would, even if it means I have to struggle thru BBM and speak-a-do-chinese!

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