Monday, May 31, 2010

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do...

Break-ups and divorces…hmmm..words we all don’t like to hear, irregardless of who is saying it or receiving it!

Well, in the last 4 weeks, one of my friend went thru a break-up…no explanation given from the boyfriend *hey BF…if u wanna leave her, have the guts to at least tell her the reason…and not just walk!*

And just 2 weeks back, one of close friend AS, just filed for a divorce from her husband…and we all thought it was gonna go well…till she received a letter claiming a ….errmmm…rather substantial amount of money from her….the reason for the claim – emotional damages perhaps? Or is it more like the big ego got busted? *after all…normally is the men who files for divorce….no?*

There could be so many reasons for these break-ups amongst which are:

* “I grew out of loving you”…...(how does that even happen???)

* “there is someone else…and he is a man!”

* “think we are better as good friends…but not husband and wife lah”

* “think you are better off with someone else”…(huh? yah right!)

* “you no longer excite me…(physically, I am not attracted to you!)

But, you know whatever the reasons maybe…and break-ups can be nasty…is there really a need to get even nastier or get-even?

AS…if you are reading this…I am not gonna say don’t worry about what he is claiming from you. Instead, we can turn it around and let’s have some fun with it…if he wants everything, we give him everything…this is what we can do to take the piss out of him….go spend and buy every damn thing you want, keep the price tags on, then load it all onto a truck…and have the whole bloody truck sent back to his house!

No matter what happens, remember Psycho Bitch will always be around if you ever need a shoulder to cry on….or at least some psycho plans …hehehe!

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