Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Return the Innocence

Have you ever realized how wonderful kids can be? *although Hammy 3 would beg to differ given how his nephews was trying to pull his brand new carpet apart!*

But, really, at times they can be wee bit annoying…but many a times they can surprise you with their innocence. A recent encounter with some of friend’s kids proved exactly that:

Encounter 1:

Kid: Mom, what is po po (translated to granny) cooking for CNY reunion dinner? Are we getting the ‘Chinese Chicken?’ (eventually I found out Chinese Chicken means the steamed chicken)

Encounter 2:

My friend’s husband was making spaghetti for one of our lunch gathering. Has a 6 year old kid. Whilst the hubby was cooking, I playfully asked the boy:

ME: U like spaghetti with tomato sauce?

KID: aha!

ME: Do u know what tomato look like? Go run to the kitchen and show me.*of course, kid happily goes running into the kitchen*

Guess what he came out with…..a bottle of Prego tomato sauce! *slapped my forehead and could not stop laughing!*

And you would think with all the advancement in technology like more ASTRO educational channels, these kids will be better exposed???? Obviously not! Gone are the days when we (as kids) used to play in the rain, climb trees and chase grandma’s chickens round the backyard!

Parent are also getting wayyyyy too protective…and too much distractions from the likes of WII, PSP *I’ve even lost track of what PSP number we are at now*, Nintendos!...

All I am saying is this, there should be a balance in kids’ life now…yah yah they can have all the wonderful tech games and gadgets, but allow them that space to truly enjoy the childhood years… the fun of climbing trees, play real football, monkey-ing around with friends under the sun..


  1. hi M,

    my 6 years old girl has been nagging me for a DS. And I don't even know what is that.

    BTW, used to be regular in your friday 7am class. Office moved to Bangsar. Now go to Manulife.


  2. Hahaha...tomato = Prego tomato sauce. Kids say/do the darndest things sometimes.

    But it's about peer pressure. More kids/teens are having electronic gaming devices and not having one means joining the "uncool" kids club. Some even think vege/fruits come from supermarkets, not farms or orchards. Wonder if the need for technology has somewhat caused a slide in natural technology like Mother Earth science.