Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roaring start..

What a week it’s been! It all started last week leading to CNY…sure all of us went through it…the last minute shopping, jams every bloody-fucking-where! Messing around with the raw fish thingy, cookies tasting (excuse!) etc etc etc…

Yours truly here had the same fair share of the VCNY (Valentine-Chinese-New-Year) bloody rush and driving psycho-mom around too..*oops…and u wonder where I got my psycho-ness from*

As usual, with the Hammies and many other good friends, this VCNY had its moments and highlights throughout the week, amongst which are these:

1) Kicking off VCNY with great makan, as always with the Hammy Trifecta, LB, K and IS (from Down-under), EA, T3. Highlight for this dinner: when ALL of us gladly shouted TOGETHER during lou-sang…”MORE MORE SEX” so fucking loud that we had the next table with this on their faces “are they for real??!!!”....sad cos no one thought of “more prosperity, perhaps?”

2) YEAH!!!!! Got my Berry-Hitam aka BlackBerry!!!! the hapi…called Hammy 3 and this conversation clearly confirms i-Duh!

ME: hehehe…guess wat…got my BLACKBERRY!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

HAMMY 3: Oh good…quick give me your BBM pin number!

ME: *looooooonnnngggggg pondering silence*….errr BBM pin? Wat’s that?

HAMMY 3: *slaps forehead*…ya allah! It is the Blackberry Messenger pin number??...*pondering silence*…wait…do you even have the data package yet?

ME:*loooooooonnnggggggg pondering silence…again*…wat data package? I already have an existing mobile number mah! Why so confusing one???

HAMMY 3: u need data package so that u can surf wifi outside?? And how the hell did u get the BlackBerry without the bloody data package?!!! WOMAN!!!!!!

Yes…yours truly has once again proven that i-DUH….

3) The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 audition is on! This psycho bitch have been trying and trying for the longest time to get Hammy 3 into this since TARA started. And of course, u know I can be like a dog-with-a-bone…tried convincing Hammy 3, yet again during lunch:

ME: eh…we are going for the audition…will plan the storyboard for our video audition!

HAMMY 3: NOPE! The Queen does NOT race! And furthermore, the Queen needs her entourage! And I can’t take freaking 6 weeks off work! My boss will kill me!

ME: But why?!!! We will make such nice couple on national television…so much drama! And who knows, your mom could be watching and we could officially have you ‘out’ then..on national TV lol!!

HAMMY 3: *ignores and continue digging into his chendol*… I won’t get to bring my laptop, blackberry, iPod! No communication to the real world!!!!...NO NO NO

ME: Come on lah…can u imagine the both of us crossing the finishing line???


HAMMY 2: And NO sex for 6 weeks??!! LOL hell no…you can count me out!

*End of topic*

Don’t you just love the holidays and festive seasons? So much to do, eat and catching up with friends and love ones. Not to mention the difficulty in starting the ‘work engine’…already for some people and very soon for some of us.

Hope all of you had a roaring VCNY…and remember to stay beautiful and sexy…no matter your gender!

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