Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A McSteamy Boss

Talk about Cougarism! Most Cougars I know go after young guys..who not necessarily may have the money or power or authority for that matter. Cougars just love Cubs who depend on them physically, emotionally and sometimes financially.

But this Cougar for the first time EVER was so taken in by a CERTAIN CUB from Hammy 3’s office yesterday * although the age difference was no more than 4 years, I’d still categorized him as a CUB*. And by the way this Cub comes with power and authority..aka known as Hammy 3’s BOSS!!!!!!

I popped by Hammy 3’s office yesterday to get a de-briefing (tho I’d have loved to ‘de-brief THAT CUB…AHEM!) for a re-branding exercise that Hammy 3’s firm was planning for. Quite honestly, I have always tho of Hammy 3’s boss as this really old, short, stout bald man…but LOL and BEHOLD! Was I wrong cos when he walked in the conference room this was exactly what happened inside my head *in the following sequence*:

*Eyes was so wide open you could see my brains on the other side*

*OH-MY-FARKING hell! What suave n sexy creature is this?*

*Didn’t realize legal people can be that HOT!*

*This CANNOT BE HAMMY 3’s boss*

(Of course being a gentleman, he came and shook my hands to introduce himself)

*I am so not letting go of his hands! Do you think I can pull him over and give him a sort of WELCOME HUG and BIG ASS SQUEEZE???*

(Stares at Hammy 3 with this across my face *why didn’t you farking tell me your boss was THIS HOT LOL!*)

And of course, he sat, briefed about the meeting and what were his expectations..and blah blah blah blah….*SHITE!Think I missed more than half of what he was telling me…hmmm shit! Shit! Shit! Dunno if I can call Hammy 3 to get another de-briefing???Damn!*…and WHY I missed half the briefing cos these were what I was thinking:

*Check out that baldness (yep he is also bald!)…and you know what that means (smiles)*

*Bald = high testosterone level = HIGH SEX DRIVE!*

*Quick! Gotta think of how to get Hammy 3 out of the conference room so that I can have the BOSS all to myself..mua hahahahaha*

*Hmmm….the conference table looks good enough..kinky! I could so sweep everything off the table and maul him right there and then*

(Then I heard some fingers snapping at me….Got BIG EVIL stares from Hammy 3 with the look that literally says “NO NO…I know exactly what you are thinking. Stop having virtual sex with my BOSS!)

Yes…in the next 6 weeks…this Cougar will have so much fun visiting Hammy 3’s office…and I am sure Hammy 3 will be very very BUSY with his other clients and won’t have the time to deal with me…well..I am ok to just deal with THE BOSS!

Damn! Don’t you just love men with power and authority…..I know I DO!


  1. Legal Eagle types can be sexy...think of Billy A Thomas (Gil Bellows) from Ally McBeal, Captain Harmon Rabb (David James Elliot) from JAG, Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller)...all hot men ;)

    I think Hammy3's Boss could sense your designs for him..given that you stared at him with such desire :P but when he's that HOT, he deserves all the stares he gets ;) and all that prestige and power too..

    Balding men do indeed have high testosterone levels..they often have the low,smooth voice of a R&B crooner. Sing me the phone book baby and i'm yours...hehehe

    But, having said all that...imagine the fall out if it doesnt turn out to be anything but a roll in the hay. Calculate your risks carefully...and good luck!!

  2. hahaha! at this point in time...the eye candy is enuf to drive me all the way to his office for daily meetings!

  3. I'm pouting like Miranda.
    And telling you this:


    And by work, I mean real, actual, billable work DIRECTLY related to the assignment :P