Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PJ's, Teddies or nothing?

I was talking to one of my girlfriends and she related this incident to me. She has a 19 year old son who is currently pursuing some psychology shit degree at a local college. Apparently, the whole class was given this ridiculous survey/poll to study about sleeping patterns and amongst the questions in that survey is something along the lines of "what do you sleep in?"...*apparently what you sleep in reflects your personality/character..etc etc...hmmm yeah, right!* I am thinking..hey he is 19 years old and probably very very curious as to what we women sleep in...after all 19 is the age of raging hormones!*
As with most polls, the questions were simple and short & responses were fair and balance for both male and female respondents. We obviously know who the clear winners are...just a quick summary of what my friend told me:(in ascending order):

1. Pajamas (PJs )

2. Footsie PJs

3. Underwear only

4. Underwear and some kind of top

5. Nude!!...*oohhh...I would love to know who these male respondents were

6. Different things on different nights

7. Teddies..? the toy ?

and of course, from this poll, they had to kinda 'decipher' what sort of personality you are..which I will not dwell into.
And just out of, what or should I say where EXACTLY do you sleep in? Try my poll ...hehehe...:
1. A house / your own / (another)...*wink*

2. A nightie / other

3. A state / any other state err...for weeknight FB nookie getaway? *wink*

4. The arms of your beloved / other (No no no...NOT ANOTHER'S LAH)

5. Just merely sleeping IN ...whenever possible LOL

6. A Teddy / Toy Teddy / Man who looks like a bear

Well, for me, it makes no difference, whatever or wherever you sleep in, as long as it is comfortable, just bloody do it!


  1. Ok..lets see :

    1. Sleep mostly in my own house (occasionally over at others :P )

    2. Preffered nightwear - shorts and old singlets/t shirts. But bday suit if occasion arises. *grin*

    3. State : within Klang Valley. LOL.

    4. Usually alone. Miss sleeping in the arms of a loved one.

    5. Sleeping IN? sometimes if there's someone spooning you all night. If alone, neh. (unless if extremely tired out)

    6. Depends on mood. sometimes bears are good. sometimes twinks are good. :P

  2. hahahaaa...farnneeee Mikey!farnneee!!!