Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sex-duction Codes..

I finally got to meet IS and K, blog friends whom I ‘met’ from Hammy 3’s blog. IS comes from Down Under and is very cute and adorable - think big grizzly bear with a tender side. And K is the coolest cat around! (In case someone missed the memo, IS and K are an item)

Having spent last 2 days with IS and K, this psycho bitch got to learn some interesting seduction facts from the ‘Down Under-ers’…*mind you, these are very interesting facts…at least to someone straight like me! YES, in case someone missed the memo, again, I love men LOL*

Here goes..The Hanky Code – apparently this is a very old coding system, almost like Morse Code. But only certain “HAPPY” community will understand the code. The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signaling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. In the earlier days when gay-ism was still a taboo, they used this code to communicate with each other in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. Apparently it is not as widely used these days.

Just some quick lesson on how this works - Hankies are usually worn in either the back left or right pockets, however, they can also be worn around the wrist, around the ankle or leg at the thigh above the knee, or around the neck with the knot/tie going either right or left. Other objects can also be used such as keys and key chains or watch fobs and even a set of handcuffs (Bondage), to let people know if you are 'top' or 'bottom'. Left = Top/Active and Right = Bottom/Passive. If worn in the back on the center belt loop, it translates as 'versatile'. *wow..such interesting facts..never realized they have a whole lot of fun in their dating scene*

Can you imagine if we all (as in the straight blokes) had some kind of code too? Especially for men and women who are shy and are afraid of taking rejection in their face? *hehehe…I can so imagine my good friends’ code*

Hammy 2 Code – she will have a sign (literally hung around her) that says “Wanna screw? My place NOW!”

Hammy 3 Code – He will send his Emilys out with signs hung around them “Can you speak the Queen’s English? If yes, pls do the Queen’s wave and take a no!”

LB’s Code – “Code? What bloody code? No need Code code all..if a man likes me he will like what he SEES, no need send signal all…wasting time..anyway I got to go back cook, mop n wash!”

EA Code – “I am confused. What Code we talking about? Banking Code of Ethics?”

Can you so imagine if we all had to send codes out to get the men and the sex?? And what if it was in WOPWOP Land….? Or do we need to find other ways of serenading for and to our dates? “No Panties” perhaps…*winky*

And with the BIG V day just round the corner, we can already see how we are gonna be swooned..with or without the codes….

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