Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Checking, checking, checking

I have exactly 6 more days to my surgery. Not looking forward to it but is something I have to do. Well, how am I preparing for it? I have been planning couple of stuff to get myself ready:

*For this whole week, gonna max out all my RPM classes…hahaha…planned out all the hardest and most enjoyable tracks...hei, I ain’t gonna get back on the bike for about 3 weeks after my surgery! So, I reckon I might as well go all out this week.

*Even worked out when I need to have my nails manicured and pedicured, so at least I will not feel THAT depressed knowing that I will not be able to have my lovely nails coloured after my surgery…PFFFTTTTT!!!

*Of course, planning out my meals AFTER my surgery…what to eat, what to avoid…hmmm…maybe not too much carbs…don’t want to be piling on the pounds in the 3 weeks! LOL!

*Bought some books to catch up and of course, planning to copy thousands of series, documentaries and movies from B, one of my RPM members…before I grow fungus in those 3 weeks…hahahaha!

Oh well, I will take it positively and enjoy the ‘break’. Ok, peeps, got to go for now…need to go see what else I need to prep.


  1. yeah, was rushing to office this monday, forgot to wish you the best. Take care and enjoy all the tv series.