Monday, November 22, 2010

Wet and soaked at 3am

Yup that is our famous Penang Bridge that you are looking at, and this Psycho Bitch just got back from Penang Bridge International Marathon, did my usual 21km. Every run and race that I go for has its own kind of challenges, and this was no different too:

1. The run started at 3am….*many of us are sleeping at that godly hour, and probably having sweet dreams with Hugh Jackman! OK, Hammy 3, stop sniggling!*

2. It didn’t help when heavy rain and thunderstorm, plus strong winds picked up as we were approaching the incline of the bridge – think running in the swimming pool!…*Dear God, I know I prayed for cool weather…but heavy rain and thunderstorm????you gotta be kidding me!*

I realized no matter how many races or how many times I do a 21km, funny things still happens to you, post-race, like these:

* Having walked back to Vistana Hotel from Queensbay Mall (where we started the run), thinking it was only a stone’s throw away, when it was actually a good 3 km walk!...*brain not connecting well with distance at all*

* When your IT Band starts to feel like they belong to a 3 year old’s legs….*super super shortened!*

* When my quads and hamstrings refuse to talk to me anymore, and going down a staircase is a living HELL!!!...*Even my granny could have gone down the flight of stairs in a jiffy*

* Sitting on a toilet bowl post race…hmmm…and trying to get up after that..hmmm….

* But nothing beat this classic response from Cosmo, when Hammy 3 and I met her for post race coffee:

HAMMY 3: Eh Cosmo, what do you call a baby lion ah?

COSMO: A seal!

*silence….tweet, tweet, tweet…*

PB: Is a CUB! Cosmo!

COSMO: Ohhh…oops….hehehe….

Yes, both Cosmo and I blamed it on the farking heavy rain and thunderstorm during the run! We didn’t only loose our insanity but also our brains…..*ok peeps…let’s check when is the next race, shall we…wink*

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