Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hellooo....anyone there?

Have you ever come across people like this – is ok if they don’t reply your e mails/messages/sms…BUT all hell breaks loose IF you fail to respond to THEIR calling by just one day or slightly delayed for whatever reasons?!!!

Well, I recently had one of those moments with one of my clients….AAARRGHHHH!!!! There is no way I can EVER get her to respond even when I specifically mentioned “YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE IS MUCH APPRECIATED”. And there was even a case where she had used the all-time famous excuse…”I am sorry but I NEVER got your e mail, that is why I didn’t respond” (when clearly EVERYONE else cc-ed on the SAME e mail received it PLUS my numerous sms reminders!!!)

And of course the last straw happened this morning, hence this bitch blog…she had sent me an e mail LAST NIGHT (note: PB no longer check work e mails at night cos is not a farking working hour!), obviously I only read the e mail this morning. Well, before I could respond to it, I received another e mail this morning with this “CAN YOU PLS RESPOND?”

And at times, I wonder if we are speaking in dog and cat language?????

Hmmmm….here I am now thinking, perhaps I SHOULD be sending her e mails at night, THEN follow up with ANOTHER e mail the very next morning PLUS a sms……hmm…perhaps….

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