Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOOHHHHH....

“Say Hello to Bieber Dolls”…..huh? yeah this headline caught my eye this morning as I was browsing the news for more intelligent stuffs.

The 16 year old apparently will be launching his line of dolls and it comes in 2 sets of dolls: the Justin Bieber Music Video Singing Figures that plays a 30-second snippets of hits like “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl”, and the other is JB Style Collection which will feature him in his various fashion styles as seen in his music videos and red-carpet appearances!

*ok, let’s be REALLY honest here…personally, I don’t think the boy has any vocal power and he sounds like a freaking small boy!! *

Good gawd! WTF were they thinking…. first we had Ken, now Bieber dolls…who on earth would buy him…hmmmm…errrrr…wait I think the young screaming tweens and teenagers, perhaps, the Happy people?

What’s next for Bieber? His own skin care line…..ISH!

And this for you ladies and gentlemen, is commercialism in motion for you…irregardless of how they sound, as long as they have ‘commercial value’, it will sell!

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