Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just being a bitch!

I have been up since 5am today and it is now 1030am as I am typing this…yes…this is gonna be a farking BITCH BLOG! Once again, I blame it on “the-time-of-the-month”….

1. If u run into me today and I DON’T smile back, is for very OBVIOUS REASONS…I really don’t like you!

2. If you are gonna whine, AT ALL, about how unfair life is to you, be it about a break-up, how bad your career path looks, if you are fat, not pretty enuf, or even at brink of sinking into depression, I have only this to say to you…GET THOSE OUT OF YOUR HEAD….AND START FOCUSING on what will make you better…STOP WHINING…cos I have been there, bought the sarong and not going back there!

3. For some of you who are slowly and surely, for whatever reasons, sinking into some form of depression or compression or decomposition, time to mooch out of it, ask someone of Higher authority (and I don’t mean your psychiatrist) to give you that strength. In case some of you are wondering, yes PB have been down this path before…and yes, I do play hard love cos if I got out, so can anyone!

4. For crying out loud, if an ambulance have their siren on, plsssssseeeaaasseeee let them through…don’t bloody try to race with them!

5. And to some of you out there, there is something called an indicator light…to SHOW AND INDICATE where you wanna bloody steer your car...use it! Else, cycle!

6. If you suddenly find that my classes are exceptionally harder this week….welcome!

7. And can someone plzzz tell me…who on earth writes lyrics like “Shawnie is a eenie meenie mynie mo lover”????????WTF!!!

8. My master bedroom smells of Pandan leaves…since Saturday!!! Think there is a musang up there…why is he there??? Cos my new neighbor are doing some major reno works and at this point, they are busy tearing down the bloody walls….and the drilling is driving me NUTSSSSS!

9. Which part of I AM ‘BUSY’ on my MSN status did anyone not get it? No matter what status is chosen, especially when you’ve indicated “BUSY”, “AWAY”….msn still flows in…I have even tried writing “AWAY…I AM NOT AT MY LAPTOP”…and they still don’t get it!

10. Lastly, why does Justin Bieber sound like a girl when he sings?

Hrrrmmmphhh… that these are off my chest…I am feeling slightly better…momentarily…for now…I hope…maybe…let’s see…

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