Sunday, January 20, 2013


Missing children…we hear of this more so often nowadays. Whether is kidnapping, child trafficking, we question how and why it does happen. Our children are hopes of our future, the lifeline of many parents and they are also the constant reminders as to how beautiful our world is through their eyes.

A child’s innocence can easily be robbed in the blink of an eye. As adults and parents, we do our best to protect the innocence for as long as we can, because we know this purity will be contaminated in the process, more so when untoward incidence happens.

Recently, we just had another case of a missing child. Yes, perhaps the parents were wrong in leaving their kids alone in the car, but this is really not the time to point fingers at anyone. Losing the child is already a punishment heavy enough for any parents to bear.

No parent should have to go through the pain of losing their child. It is a pain that no word can ever, ever described.

I can only pray for the safe return of this child to their family. Wherever he may be now, I believe God has his eyes on him and pray for strength that the parents shall not lose hope.