Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hang on to it! TGIF!

WOW! This is it …the last Friday of 2012….didn’t realize it, did you?

Suddenly your heart is racing…”oh dear, is it?”…”WTF ?!!!”…”Someone stop time!”…blah blah blah…

Does it really matter if it was the last Friday of 2012? Seriously….are we that driven by the months and years? Is it because we have had resolutions not fulfilled? Or have we forgotten to complete certain tasks or promises not kept?

In my humble opinion, it does not matter what day or if it’s the last Friday of the year, because the days will repeat itself over and over again. If we had never learned our lessons yet about keeping to our resolutions or promises or wishes, try revisiting the expectations which we have placed on ourselves (and others around us)….perhaps we were not being realistic…maybe…something to ponder upon as we breathe our way in the next 3 days to 2013….

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