Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eeewww...dirty dirty!

The gym….a place where we all go sweat out our fats, pressure from work and for some of us, pleasure from the pain inflicted upon ourselves.

But, have you ever wondered about gym cleanliness? After all, you get 1001 blokes and chicks using every goddamn machines and apparatus, coupled with their very sweaty hands (depending on your luck, the guy may not even have washed his hands after pee pee) and bods.

I could, more or less, through observation point out areas in the gym where it could be listed as the few dirtiest, or should I say ‘germ-iest’!

Here goes:

1. Mats – have you ever seen number of bodies that lie on those mats?

2. Dumbells, barbells, weight machines – if the guy before you had washed his hands after pee pee, then is slightly better. Else, just imagine all those hands (god knows where they have all been!).Better yet, if the guy before you, out in a pair of really, really short tight underwear……suggest you bring a bottle of Dettol to disinfect that seat!

3. Bicycle seat – I don’t even wanna go near this one….the number of sweaty ass……hope you clean your bikes before jumping onto it!

4. Toilets and shower – do you really want me to elaborate on this? I am sure for those of us who hang out at the gym, we have seen what we don’t need to see.

So, the next time you are at the gym, think about the hygiene and maybe walking around with a packet of disinfectant wipes would be a great idea!

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  1. I've seen ppl trmming their pubic hairs in the cubicle - nice touch of "astroturf" in water for those after that!